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Plain Glass Water Pipe 

Water Pipe
Item Code: HKG-316
Name: Water Pipe
This exquisitely designed plain glass water bong comes with detachable three part body. It's stem is stylishly angled to keep the smoke away from your face out of your eyes.
Stylish Twist  Water Pipe
Item Code: HKG-319
Name: Stylish Twist Water Pipe
Made of plain glass, this water pipe with its stylish twist and replacable slider, which goes quite deep in the water chamber makes for an easier pull out.

Handcrafted Plain Pipe
Item Code: HKG-326
Name: Handcrafted Plain Pipe
Constructed from high quality plain glass, which cleans up better and doesn't give off harmful fumes- this plain glass water bong is handcrafted.
Deep Bowl  Water Pipe
Item Code: HKG-337
Name: Deep Bowl Water Pipe
There is a deep bowl and side finger carb attached with this plain glass water bong to enhance your smoking pleasure manifolds.

Magnetic Grip Glass Water Pipe
Item Code: THG-702
Name: Magnetic Grip Glass Water Pipe
With heat resistant magnetic grip, this plain glass water bong is thick walled and highly durable.
Capacity Smoking Pipes
Item Code: THG-716
Name: Capacity Smoking Pipes
Easy to clean and maintain, this glass water bong ensures better filtration and cooling capacity. It can be elegantly assembled for a calm smoking experience.

Double Chamber Plain Water Pipe
Item Code: THG-720
Name: Double Chamber Plain Water Pipe
Guaranteed for life, this double chamber plain water pipe holds more water than most water pipes. It hits real nice with its thoughtful making.
Thick Walled Plain Glass Water
Item Code: THG-737
Name: Thick Walled Plain Glass Water
With its durable finish, this thick walled plain glass water bong, which is artistically molded, ensures that no water is in your mouth.

Clean Plain Glass Pipe
Item Code: THG-741
Name: Clean Plain Glass Pipe
This impact resistant, easy to clean features make this plain glass water pipe a perfect bong for the average lung.
Convienent Grip Water Pipe
Item Code: THG-751
Name: Convienent Grip Water Pipe
Moulded for a convenient grip, this plain glass water bong is carefully shaped. The bottom of the water bubbler is flattened, so it sits upright to prevent tipping.

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