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Silver Tube Waterpipe
Item Code: WPG-101
Name: Silver Tube Waterpipe
Artistically hand blown with art on top, this heavy wall waterpipe having lots of marbles around its neck, is fumed with pure silver and worked with shapes in the middle.
Sizes: 3.8cmx35cm
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ColorTube Waterpipe
Item Code: WPG-103
Name: ColorTube Waterpipe
This heavy wall pyrex color changing glass water pipe is silver fumed and have lots of mushroom marbles around its neck. Pull Bowl, Sleeve & Grommet included.
Sizes: 3.8cmx35cm
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Fumed Tube Water Pipe
Item Code: WPG-104
Name: Fumed Tube Water Pipe
This heavy walled silver fumed tube water pipe with art on top and seafloral on its neck, comes with pull bowl, sleeve and grommet.
Sizes: 4.6cmx35cm
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Gold Fumed Waterpipe
Item Code: WPG-119
Name: Gold Fumed Waterpipe
The artistic excellence is beautifully depicted on this gold fumed waterpipe. Artistically raised marbles require immense concentration and excellent skills.
Sizes: 5.1cmx35cm
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Blown Color Tube Waterpipe
Item Code: WPG-114
Name: Blown Color Tube Waterpipe
This hand blown color changing glass water pipe is made of standard wall borosilicate glass tube. It is heavily fumed at neck with pure silver and is beautifully embellished with marbles.
Sizes: 3.8cmx35cm
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ExtensiveTube Waterpipe
Item Code: WPG-120
Name: ExtensiveTube Waterpipe
The extensive art on mouthpiece and an octopus image on the neck of this heavy tube water pipe make it simply unique.It is fumed with pure silver and supplied with pull bowl and sleeve.
Sizes: 5.1cmx35cm
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Tube Waterpipe 
Tube Waterpipe : Standard Waterpipe : Wet Bubblers

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