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Inside Out PiecesTechniques
Item Code: ISO-709
Name: Inside Out PiecesTechniques
Inside out pieces are made with advanced techniques that put the patterns and colors on the inside of the pipe instead of on the outside like on most pieces.
Production Technique
Item Code: ISO-706
Name: Production Technique
The unique production technique gives our pieces a glossier look with more depth to the designs.

Coil Pieces
Item Code: ISO-717
Name: Coil Pieces
Coil pieces are made using a different glass-working technique. They are sculpted out of a solid glass rod, resulting in a piece that is really thick.
Elegant And Attractive Piece
Item Code: ISO-711
Name: Elegant And Attractive Piece
This elegant and attractive piece has lot of depth to the design. The colourful patterns are highly exciting.

Handmade Styles And Colors
Item Code: ISO-719
Name: Handmade Styles And Colors
Each of our piece is handmade and they come in various styles and colors. This one is just an example of our numerous masterpieces.
Smooth Touch
Item Code: ISO-722
Name: Smooth Touch
This one is made for those who can't live without smoking. The smooth touch will make you go puffing all the way.

Women Turn Her Head
Item Code: ISO-739
Name: Women Turn Her Head
Another of our masterpieces. This one is in colours that will make every women turn her head towards you.
Chillum And Pipe
Item Code: ISO-720
Name: Chillum And Pipe
As we all know, bong, chillum and pipe are not all efficient, sometimes your throat is hurt. Our glass smoking pipes will filter the particles that are bad for you.

Glass Smoking Pipes
Item Code: ISO-729
Name: Glass Smoking Pipes
Smoking can be fun only when you will inhale with the help of our world class glass smoking pipes.

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