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Anodized pipes 

Aluminum Light Pipe
Item Code: PIA-229
Name: Aluminum Light Pipe
Made of high quality Aluminum, this car light pipe is a perfect piece for a hard smoking delight. It is completely detachable and ensures great smoking ease.
Rubber Mouthpiece
Item Code: PIA-230
Name: Rubber Mouthpiece
Choose this annodised classic pocket pipe- sneak a toke, with rubber mouthpiece for a smokeless experience. It is perfect for a "sneak".

Stealth Annodised Pipe
Item Code: PIA-231
Name: Stealth Annodised Pipe
This smokeless straight stealth annodised pipe creates a direct hit in your lungs- especially made for a hard smoker.
Torch Pipe
Item Code: PIA-232
Name: Torch Pipe
This torch pipe is available with or without a key ring.With its portable features, this stealth pipe is uniquely designed and developed for the smoke loving wanderers .

Designs Aluminum Anodised Pipes
Item Code: PIA-226
Name: Designs Aluminum Anodised Pipes
This anodised pipe is made for those who value the art of smoking. Available in exclusive designs and colors, it comes with a lid on the tobacco bowl. Colors may vary.
Anodised  Dry Pipe
Item Code: PIA-221
Name: Anodised Dry Pipe
This annodised dry pipe fits easily into your pocket. High quality anodising and durable finish speak of our craftsmanship skills. It can be easily dissembled for smooth cleaning.

Aluminum Dypipe Heavy
Item Code: PIA-224
Name: Aluminum Dypipe Heavy
Made of superior quality heavy Aluminum pipe, this dypipe comes with a lid. It directly hits the lungs...certainly you can adjust the level of smoke too.
Ultimate Smoking Pipe
Item Code: PIA-216
Name: Ultimate Smoking Pipe
This anodised smoking pipe is exclusively designed for an ultimate experience that is ceraintly the first choice of the hard smoker. Easily detachable for cleaning purpose.

Nickle And Chrome Handpipes
Item Code: PIA-222
Name: Nickle And Chrome Handpipes
A style that is so exclusive, so artistic, this anodised pipe comes with brass accessories and can be easily assembled and cleaned. This pipe is also available in nickle and chrome finishes. Colors may vary slighly.
Brass Mouthpiece
Item Code: PIA-204
Name: Brass Mouthpiece
This anodised dry pipe with brass mouthpiece and a sidways lid is especially designed to keep the smoke away from your nose hence delivering you a perfect smoke. Uniquely developed by Shivam International.

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