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India's only manufacturer and exporter of handmade ceramic and glass products, ranging from smoke ware, hotel ware, decorative items, door handles and door knobs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to order the products ?
Its very simple:

1.Browse the product category you are interested in.
2.Select item of the products you want to buy from the website.
3.Decide upon the quantity of each item.
4.Submit your order through inquiry form / email / fax or telephone.

After getting your order, we'll email you your Performa invoice within 24 hours.

2. What is minimum quantity to be ordered ?
You must order 2 dozen per any particular item. Also, your total order must be of worth US$500.00

3. Are prices given on the website include shipping charges ?
No. All prices are FOB new Delhi and does not include any shipping / freight charges.

4. What is FOB price ?
Items shipped directly from the factory, which are noted as Freight-On-Board (FOB), are billed an additional cost for shipping, handling and insurance charges.

5. How will i determine shipping charges ?
Shipping charges depends upon the following:

1. Weight / volume of your shipment.
2. Destination of the shipment.
3. Mode of transportation-air cargo , Ocean or courier /express mode.

After getting your order we'll determine approximate weight / volume of your order and then calculate shipping cost according to rates applicable to that destination as per your choice of mode of transportation.

6. What are mode of transportation available and what arrangements i need to receive my shipment ?
You can select any of the following:

1.Air Cargo - cargo facility of various airlines like Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Air France etc.
(You need to have an import agent at your nearest airport and local transportation arrangements from airport to warehouse)
2.Courier/Express - Express door delivery service of UPS / FedEx / DHL / TNT.
(Your shipment will be delivered at your given address. You need not to have any import agent and local transport arrangements.)
3.Ocean Freight - various shipping / container line available.
(you need to have an import agent at your nearest seaport and local transportation arrangements from seaport to your warehouse)

7. What would be transit time for my shipment ?
1.Air Cargo - 12-15 days approximately.
2.Courier / Express - 4-6 days through UPS / FedEx etc.
3.Ocean freight - Depends upon the destination and schedule of container line.

8. What would be lead time for my shipment ?
Your order will be dispatched from New Delhi (India) and for a normal shipment we need 3-4 week time to dispatch your order. However for large orders it is decided mutually as per the order size.

9. Do you ship freight pre paid shipment ?
Yes! we ship "Freight prepaid" at our end as well as "Freight collect" at your end shipments. If you pay freight of your order given along with your invoice we'll ship your shipment "Freight prepaid" and you need not to pay any shipping charges at your end except local duties / tax . If you have pre arrangements with any shipping agency then we'll ship your order as "Freight collect" using your account with that shipping agency.

10. Do you ship COD ?
No. We do not have any such arrangements.

11.What are the payment options available ?
You can pay for your order through following mode of payments:

1.Wire transfer of money.
2.International Money order.
3.Banker's Cheque.
4.Personal/Business Cheque.
5.Letter of Credit (LOC or LC) only for large orders.

12. Do you have any sample policy ?
Yes! we welcome our new buyers to evaluate our service and product quality. You can order for our sample kit of worth $300.00.we'll send you wide variety of our products worth US$200.00 in your sample kit. Sample kit will be dispatched within 1-2 week after getting payment through UPS Express service to your address.
Sorry we do not provide any free sample.

13. What are the currencies you accept ?
We prefer US dollars. We also accept Euro Dollars, GBP, Australian dollars.

14. Is my shipment insured for damage ?
It depends upon insurance policy of the carrier. Generally UPS / FedEx etc. insured shipment for breakage/damage or loss. But they provide risk cover up to worth US$ 100.00 maximum.

15. Can i get my shipment fully insured for any major breakage / damage or loss ?
Yes! we can insured your shipment fully by purchasing insurance policy of carrier / other agency for a nominal extra charge. This extra charge (cost of insurance) depends upon the sum assured for any particular shipment.

16. What i have to do if i got damaged shipment or find breakage inside the boxes. ?
Count parcels and inspect the shipment before signing the delivery receipt. If damage or shortage is apparent, please note it on the delivery receipt along with the signature of the delivery person verifying the same. Save the damaged carton for inspection purposes. Open all packages immediately and inspect the merchandise to see if it is in good condition. If concealed damage (damage to materials inside a package with no external damage evident) is exposed, notify us immediately through our feedback form email to you after every shipment. We must notify carriers within 7 days, or they may deny liability. Check merchandise against the packing slip. If an overage or shortage exists, or if there are any other problems with an order, notify us within 7 days after receipt of merchandise.

If you have any other query please do not hesitate to contact us.

"we are committed to what we says"

Ceramic Drawers | Smoking Pipes | Handicrafts | Hotel ware | Animal Figures | Door Knobs | Nautical Instruments | Textile Art | Aroma Products
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